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You want to register a domain name “Domeinregistratie belgie”? A good domain name is essential for the success of your website. Having your own domain name (eg your visitors easily find your website and get professional e-mail addresses in the form of

If you want your Belgium or Dutch company name as a domain name to register, do not wait too long! We are the best domain registrar of Belgium.

Domain names for the rule: first come, first served basis
Once registered, no one else captures your name. Owning a domain means that you have a private email address you on internet either personally or professionally. A registered domain name “Registratie Domeinnaam” is guaranteed to be unique.

You can change the domain name of the domain at any time. Usually the domain name consists of your company name or product name. After registration, the name is unique. The structure of the domain name is usually as follows It may happen that the desired domain name is already registered. Then you need to choose a different domain name. Always choose a domain name for your (potential) customers easy to remember. offers various domain extensions such as .com, .nl, .eu or .net at highly competitive rates! Buy a domain name is easy and not expensive. With us you can get domain name that you fully can manage on your own.

The application or registration of domain names is done on customer demand. The customer is the owner of the hosting en domein, the subscription usually renewed annually.

Basic thing to get from TCS-computers for an online presence
• Domain name, the start for your website
• Immediately active
• Ten free services
• Easy management with user-friendly control
• Free 24/7 support
• A domain name for your website or mailboxes
• We have many years expert in domain name registration
• Your domain name is often directly * registered
• Choice of national and international extensions
• Management through comprehensive online control
• Free support via email or telephone

When registering you must have a form with your personal data (name, address, phone,...). When the domain is registered, you will obtain the exclusive rights to use that domain.

Then you can use the domain name to point to a website. If you use the services of a web hosting company, the domain associated with the web space by specifying two or more DNS servers. You can also register a domain without immediately connecting to a website.

However, if you already own a domain name to another registrar, it is also possible to move the domain to us or to transfer. Visit or call at +32.3.772.22.36 for immediate consultancy.